Innocent Madness

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Innocent Madness is a vast and unique collection of poems of various formats and themes by Poet Monty Milne. The entire book contains about 352 poems. Listed below for your reading enjoyment are 5 poems.

Excerpts from Innocent Madness

To Whom …

You are my savior today;
I will be yours tomorrow.

Helping Hand

E was walking briskly down the country lane
on fair day.
Observing the pastel blue horizon with glee,
His rummaging thoughts were startled when
he hear a cry for help.
Looking around the next bend he saw a
wounded F.
E ran rapidly to her assistance.
“Where does it ail you?” E asked with concern.
“One of my appendages snapped off,” answered the F.
E looked around and spotted the deserted limb.
He frantically assembled it on the bottom of
the F’s stalk.
To his pleasant surprise E realized it was
not an F,
But an E.
“My hero”, the she E beamed at E.
Because he had been such a good Samaritan,
The she E decided to marry E;
and they lived happily ever after.

The Disappointed Student

Tentacles teather-out from the extraterrestrial.
His twelve eyes look outward in regret
at the molten drip of the oozing trees;
the sky of dirt, carcinogens, and anti - matter.
Bloated corpses of dogs, deer, elephants, and snakes
bob in water - sludge polluted with radiation.
Syrupy black smoke billows around the orb.
His science project entitled: “Man”
was a complete failure.


To die in battle is a warrior’s ragged glory.
For his country, his king, his almighty god.
With clanking swords or whizzing bullets.
Primitive spears or hand - to - hand combat.
Until fight has expired from him forever.
He falls, victorious in death and defeat.

Blue Day

In the role of the outcast, the dark, brooding
clouds cringe;
loathing the might of the rays of the sun.
They tear through the overcast atmosphere.
Sending the blackened mass off in countless directions.
It scatters, unwillfully, into tiny, unnoticed particles.
Leaving the blue sky giant, open, and free.