The Hallucination Continuous...

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A mysterious Trance Vision captured in a single night in real-time with poetry and prose as Time churned on and on… Listed below for your reading pleasure are 5 brief snippets.

Excerpts from The Hallucination Continous…

What’s going on inside me?
I’m gone, I’m gone;
I sway to and fro;
I sway to fro.
Something got a hold inside me!!
Burn white fire, burn;
Inside us all.
Who am I …?

A phone call distance race run-around.
I’m so scared AIDS will catch my faltering body;
Run down after years of chemicals
That didn’t clean my machine.
I’m no good with comfort anymore.

My tiger just roared!
I want to levitate;
Please let me levitate.
I bond my soul to you;
let me hover!

Lost in another …
My memory is so fucked up;
I’m lost and gone!

I severely hallucinated tonight;
I was at a party.
(I swear I’m capturing de javu)
The mystery woman was at this party;
(Second time I saw her today; I did not drink).