The Power of Three

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The Power of Three is a philosophical prose poem by Poet Monty Milne that explores the Trinity of Civilization: Art, Government, and Religion. The book has a total of 11 sections of varying lengths. Listed below for your reading pleasure are brief snippets from 5 sections.

Excerpts from The Power of Three


A magical orb; this palace praised as Earth.
Sprinkled with blue oceans, sailing rivers, and floating ponds.
Crawling thick, green jungles;
sifting bronze sand dunes;
rainbow flavored woods; crusted rock terrain.
Cumulus clouds hitchhike with the mobile wind.
Sweet pollens, angular seeds, and fluffy dust
travel together as …


Art is the sensory outpouring of
emotions into physical likeness’
of these sensations.
Expressions of the Artist’s most
heartfelt passions and intimate sentiments.
The Artist reaches out to convey a message
that must be shared with the world,
whether it is unrestrained bliss or …


Religion helps quell
the confusion associated with human mortality
and the purpose of life;
a longing for belief in an acceptable plane
of existence after physical life ends;
a method to boost morale and an
excuse to curse insecurities.
The responsibility of human action is
pitted against the hands of wishful thinking;
a focal point to bond around and …


Government stimulates legal, social,
and economical practices to provide maximum
benefits to the represented institution.
The selected or conceived ideology
is the nucleus of an organism that
maintains preservation by replenishing its
monetary system, being industrially productive,
inducing intense patriotism among its subjects,
and balancing the scales of legal amendments.
The Official projects ideas
to constituents and …

The Poet’s Vision

So here I am in time and space.
A Creator …
A King …
A God …
of my own destiny;
personal existentialism.
My fate rests
in my great hands.
I will …