The Orange Book

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The Orange Book is a vast and unique collection of poems of various formats and themes by Poet Monty Milne. The entire book contains about 161 poems. Listed below for your reading enjoyment are 5 poems.

Excerpts from The Orange Book

Wild Flower

Wild Flower
I will share you
I will protect you
But I will never pick you
And take you from your roots
Because then you would be a possession
Not a beautiful life
Stay wild and free

The Wisest Man in the World

My skin is rubbed raw from the coarse scrapping of the rocks.
I feverishly ascend the marble–grey mountainside;
seeking the all–knowing Wiseman who sits on its peak.
Clawing my way over the last edge, my heart drops like a stone.
I stand-up, bewildered at the dome’s vast emptiness.
For a moment the pain and toil seems to have been for naught.
Until it dawns on me that each man is wisest unto himself.

Alien Space Jive

Glip zoink feep zeep kloit
Coozz aff luh huh yip foit
Neerp oot piz ziz haob coink
Lairp luosh woot poot bab toink
Chiss nud flit omp lomp plersh
Tont spitch plink nink za versh

She’d Say

The rape queen pussed green
between leprous legs.
‘I’m a suicide machine’
(She’d say).
Tainted needles spoke to her;
she worked for them.
The ghetto boys;
pants pissing faggot derelicts;
alcoholic transients wearing muddied,
shit smeared stench coats;
treated her well.
‘I’ll fuck you for drugs’
(She’d say).
The 3-piece suit business man,
in his expensive car,
- for twenty dollars –
slit her throat.

For the Love of Sound

Music; an auditory life-form.
Stimulating; it captivates all that is pure.
An entity unto itself;
existing before man or time.
Penetrating the salty ocean depths.
Rushing upward to make love with the stars.